Coin: The First U.S. Silver Denomination Coin by The Bradford Exchange Online

Once the Revolutionary War was finally over, the Founding Fathers had new challenges, among them establishing the first U.S. coinage. President George Washington knew that a stable and attractive silver coin would be an expression of our country's strength and independence. In 1792 he signed the first Coinage Act, authorizing our monetary system and the first U.S. mint in Philadelphia. However, a severe shortage of silver bullion slowed progress; Martha Washington even gave some of her own silverware to help produce the first U.S. coins in 1794. These very first 90% silver coins were struck in a now obsolete denomination, the Half Disme, soon renamed the Half Dime.Over time, the Half Dime coin went through several redesigns and the series ended with Christian Gobrecht's classic Seated Liberty design in 1873. Today these original United States coins are rare, but now The Bradford Exchange Mint is proud to offer a remarkable coin collecting opportunity: The First U.S. Silver Denomination Coin, a genuine 90% silver Half Dime minted between 1794 and 1873. This historic coin arrives secured in a crystal-clear tamper-proof holder for viewing from both sides. A handsome mahogany-finished Deluxe Display Box with a gleaming title plaque is also included, perfect for showing off this spectacular addition to your coin collection. Intense demand is expected for this rarely seen FIRST United States Half Dime coin and supplies are limited, so do not delay. Order now!

Price: $129.00
Condition: new