Diane Cotton Squares 160 Count Photo

Diane Cotton Squares are luxuriously soft and gentle on skin. Made with 100% premium cotton, these square cotton pads are perfect for all beauty needs. Use for removing nail polish and makeup, or applying toner, lotions and skin cleansers. Great for cleaning baby’s skin or applying skin care products. Reusable zip-top bag is great for bathroom organization.

How to Use:

For applying toner: Add a quarter-sized amount of toner to center of cotton pad. Apply evenly across face.

For removing makeup: Add a dime-sized amount of makeup remover to cotton pad. Close eyes, and gently wipe lids and lashes to remove eye makeup. Wipe lips to remove lipstick or lip gloss.

For removing nail polish: Soak cotton pad in nail polish remover, and gently wipe nail polish off nails.Standard 2.4-Inch squares
Soft & gentle cotton
Reusable zip-top bag
Perfect for removing nail polish and makeup

Item Reviewed: Diane Cotton Squares 160 Count
Our Rating: 5