ThinkGeek - Harley Quinn Checkered Print Watch Photo

Checkout the Harley Quinn Checkered Print Watch, the latest item from ThinkGeek. This item will make a great gift for any occasion and for any fan of ThinkGeek brand products.

From the manufacturer:

If you're counting down the minutes until Suicide Squad's premiere, we have the perfect watch for you. It's understated – very much unlike our favorite crazy girl. Then again, if you're in a stuffy conference room where everybody else is flashing a Rolex or Timex (something that ends in  "X" appears to be the requirement), maybe this IS daring for you. From a distance, your watch looks like it could end in X. But it most definitely does not…

Product number: ITGU-BK-DC-HQ

Product Name: Harley Quinn Checkered Print Watch
Brand: ThinkGeek

Price: $29.99 
Condition: New
Category: T-Shirts & Apparel > Watches

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