ThinkGeek - Neurodiversity 2017 Kids' T-Shirt - Black, L Photo

Checkout the Neurodiversity 2017 Kids' T-Shirt – Black, L, the latest item from ThinkGeek. This item will make a great gift for any occasion and for any fan of ThinkGeek brand products.

From the manufacturer:

Everyone's brain is wired in a unique way. It's what makes you YOU. And your mind is our favorite part of you. It's what makes you our smart masses. So here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ, we're all about embracing the differences in neurological configurations. Whether you have been diagnosed with autism or are a "neurotypical," you have ADHD, are bipolar, whoever you are, whatever unique configuration of neurons makes you you, we think you're pretty awesome, just the way you are…

Product number: JSMR-L-BK-NOA

Product Name: Neurodiversity 2017 Kids' T-Shirt – Black, L
Brand: ThinkGeek

Price: $14.99 
Condition: New
Category: Geek Kids > Geek Kids Clothing

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