The Only 1888-O Hot Lips Morgan Silver Dollar Coin by The Bradford Exchange Online

The story behind the 1888-O "Hot Lips" Morgan Silver Dollar goes back to the early 1960s, when quantities of the Morgan, the famous Coin of the Old West, were released from long-ignored government vaults, including an amazing find: an 1888 Morgan Silver Dollar from the New Orleans Mint with a dramatic, double-strike minting error. This mistake doubled-up Miss Liberty's lips, nose and chin. Soon, this less-than-perfect rarity was dubbed the "Hot Lips" Morgan, and put Miss Liberty's lips on every collector's wish list. In fact, this irresistible Morgan Silver Dollar has been known to cause fierce competition between collectors, but now we've made it easy to showcase this scarce 90% silver coin in your collection. Introducing The Only Hot Lips Morgan Silver Dollar Coin in a spectacular presentation available ONLY from The Bradford Exchange Mint.The historic New Orleans Mint produced only a few Morgans in 1888. Of these, only a small quantity display the double-strike error. Since only 17% of all Morgans still exist, well, you can imagine how unusual it is to find a genuine "Hot Lips" Morgan, UNTIL NOW. Your "Hot Lips" Morgan Silver Dollar even arrives in a tamper-proof holder, showcased in a museum-quality, mahogany-finished wooden Deluxe Display Box with a gleaming title plaque, perfect for showing off your amazing acquisition. But be aware, if there's anyone who can charm a serious coin collector, it's the lovely New Orleans Miss with the famous lips; we've acquired a very limited supply of these alluring "mistakes" and intense demand is expected. Don't delay, order now!

Price: $349.00
Condition: new

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