The Only Denver Morgan Silver Dollar Coin by The Bradford Exchange Online

First minted in 1878, the Morgan Silver Dollar has been called the "coin of the Wild West" due to its popularity with pioneers, prospectors and outlaws during the rich strikes of the 1850s gold rush. Now, claim a last year issue of one of the scarcest coin issues in U.S. history: the 1921 Denver Morgan Silver Dollar Coin. Minted in glorious 90% pure silver,1921-D Morgan Silver Dollars were only issued by the Denver Mint for one year!A Bradford Exchange Mint exclusive presentation, this collector favorite is secured in a crystal-clear, tamper-proof holder and arrives with a custom Deluxe Display Box to protect your Rocky Mountain treasure for years to come. One gleaming side features the year 1921 and George T. Morgan's famous portrait of Liberty, while the reverse side features the eagle, arrows and olive branch symbol and the "D" mint mark of the Denver Mint. This impressive collectible coin is sure to generate intense demand among collectors, so don't miss the chance to secure yours. Order now!

Price: $189.00
Condition: new

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